IUMS-ISM outreach

Kuliah tamu yang bertajuk IUMS-ISM outreach programme on Food safety menyajikan pembicara dengan materi sbb :


Session on Foodsafety
Dr Ratih Dewanti (Indonesia): Introduction and food safety issues in South Asia.  PDF
Prof Graham Fleet (ICFMH, Australia): The public health significance of yeasts in foods and Beverages.  PDF

Session on Food viruses
Prof. Dr Albert Bosch (ICFMH, Spain): Food and waterborne enteric viruses. PDF
Dr Leen Baert (ICFMH, Belgium): Method development for norovirus detection in foods.  PDF
Prof. Dr Albert Bosch (ICFMH, Spain): Standardised molecular detection of enteric viruses in food and water.PDF
Dr Leen Baert (ICFMH, Belgium): Stability of norovirus in the food chain.  PDF

Session on Training in foodmicrobiology.
Prof Fusao Tomita (Japan): HACCP in small to medium size Food industry : a case study in Hakkaido.  PDF

Prof. Luca Cocolin (ICFMH, Italia): Prevalence, biodiversity and behavior of foodborne pathogens as determined by molecular methods.  PDF

Session on Food preservations and Fermentations
Prof. Dr Graham Fleet (ICFMH, Australia): Managing cocoa bean fermentations for quality and safety.  PDF
Prof. Dr Johan Schnürer (Sweden): Antifungal lactic acid bacteria as biopreservatives.  PDF
Prof. Dr Luca Cocolin (ICFMH, Italia): Culture independent methods to assess the microbiota diversity and dynamics during food fermentations. PDF
Prof. Dr Johan Schnürer ICFM, Sweden): Yeasts as biocontrol agents of moulds in cereal grains and fruits.  PDF

Session on Food mycology and mycotoxins Part 1:
Prof Dr Robert A. Samson (Vice chair ICFM, The Netherlands): Biodiversity of food borne fungi and the implication for mycotoxin production  PDF
Jos Houbraken (ICFM The Netherlands).: Molecular diagnostics of food borne fungi.  PDF
Dr Emilia Rico (ICFM, USA): Spoilage Problems in Beverages: Methods, Challenges and Prevention.  PDF
Jos Houbraken (ICFM The Netherlands): Methods for detection and isolation of food borne fungi.  PDF
Dr Emilia Rico (ICFM, USA): Sanitation in food and beverage processing plants.  PDF

Session on Food mycology and mycotoxins Part 2: 
Prof Endang Rahayu (Indonesia): Aflatoxin, occurrence, and integrated management control in Indonesia.  PDF
Prof. Dr Ludwig Niessen (Chair ICFM, Germany): Loop‐mediated isothermal amplification of DNA as a promising new technology for the rapid diagnosis of fungal contaminants in food.  PDF
Prof. Dr Ludwig Niessen (Chair ICFM, Germany): PCR‐based diagnosis and quantification of mycotoxin producing fungi.  PDF
Dr Latiffa Zakaria (Malaysia): Mycotoxin from rice grain in Malaysia.  PDF
Prof. Dr Warapa Mahakarnchanakul (Thailand): Significance of the occurrence of mycotoxins in food in Thailand.  PDF