IUMS ambassador opening remark for ISISM 2010

Opening remark by IUMS ambassador for ISISM 2010


On the occasion of International Seminar of Indonesian Society for Microbiology (ISISM) , I would like to extend my warmest greetings and congratulations to the organizers, officers and members of Indonesian Societies for Microbiology.


The theme “Harnessing the power of microbes for better food, agro-industry, health, and environment” is appropriate in realizing more fully our big role as microbiologists and biotechnologists in the social upliftment of our fellow Asians. Considering the 21st century as Bio-Century and microorganisms are in focus for their diversity and capabilities, we are in a position to make significant contribution.

Having been designated as the Ambassador to Asia by the International Union of Microbiological Societies (IUMS), I would like to emphasize that Asia is being considered as the center of microbiology, for she has the most diverse microbes in the world with a very long history of utilizing them. Now is the time to uncover our rich traditional culture and knowledge related to microorganisms and to utilize those Asian treasures for a wide variety of applications that have yet to be discovered.

 In order to achieve this, we need to have closer coordination and cooperation among microbiologists in Asia and also in other world. We must show our presence in the world of microbiology. IUMS 2011 will be held in Asia, in Sapporo, Japan from September 6 to 10 for Bacteriology and Applied Microbiology, and Mycology, and from 11 to 16 for Virology. Now, let this scientific congress here in Bogor be the starting point of our preparation for that event.

 May this meeting be a great success!

 Fusao Tomita, Ph.D.

 IUMS Ambassador to Asia and the Chair of National Organizing Committee for IUMS 2011 Sapporo Congress